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Juice Webster - 'JULIA' Album Launch

Fri 22 Sep

Friday, 22 Sep 2023
Supported by Special Guests
Doors at 07:30pm

Since her first release in 2019, Juice Webster has been an artist whose music is a kind of summoning— soft echoes of connectedness and courage; lightweight and all-encompassing. Her music is a fragrance. One that reminds you of yourself, of a lover’s face close up, of time that is fragmented, but still felt all over.

Now in 2023, Juice Webster brings her first full-length offering: JULIA. An LP that ripples with fervid reflection and clarity that stings in order to soothe. Recorded between the bush and the city with her immaculate live band, JULIA traces the tides of loss, and the witnessing of time as bittersweet.

It’s a debut that coalesces Juice’s dream sounds and influences into her own; a long-harboured goal that has culminated in a new calibre of songwriting and production. These are songs that see uncertainty as part of a fragile, precious order. JULIA feels like a watertight vessel that lucidly channels the tenderness, spirit and nerve at the centre of Juice’s music.

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